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On-demand assessments and expert AI uncover and validate vulnerabilities and security risks without heavy manual effort, enabling your business to continuously monitor its internal and external attack surface.

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With deep roots in the defense industry, our team has designed, developed and deployed cybersecurity solutions currently protecting the nation’s most critical systems.

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Dr. Aaron Estes, CEO

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Ethan Puchaty, CTO

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Jeff Stratton, CRO

Our deep expertise as cyber professionals, engineers, and ethical hackers enables us to think like adversaries to pinpoint security gaps and architect complete solutions.

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The first on-demand, continuous, and seamless suite of cyber services unified into a single platform. Providing a solid cybersecurity program that is tailored to fit your company’s needs.

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Advanced Threat Detection

Gain fool-proof protection against advanced ransomware. Our patented technology uses machine learning analytics and physical sensor data to eliminate cyber threats.

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Holistic Security

Even with new products and services emerging every day, cyber threats still remain unchecked. As industry experts, we’ve experienced the weaknesses of current approaches first hand and taken it upon ourselves to develop truly effective and comprehensive solution.

Enlight Perimeter and Internal provide seamless coverage of your total attack surface, delivering comprehensive context about the vulnerabilities and weaknesses for your internal and internet-facing assets. While most ASM tools focus on externally-accessible hosts and information, Enlight leverages a secure, ephemeral approach to assessing assets that are accessible from one or more viewpoints of your network. Organizations have the full risk picture continuously through Enlight with mapped relationships, context, and metadata to be able to rapidly identify and prioritize gaps and remediation.

Enlight has revolutionized cyber assessments through intelligent automation, enabling organizations to move beyond stale, manual-driven, point-in-time assessment data to viewing risk posture on-demand and in real-time with minimal oversight. The Catalyst decision engine that powers Enlight tailors and selects from dozens of assessment techniques depending on the environment, providing continuous, rapid coverage and shortening assessment times from weeks to hours. Organizations can leverage the ~80% time savings to run assessments at much higher frequency, significantly reducing the time to detect and understand risks that could lead to compromise.

Coming in 2024 and using the same Catalyst decision engine, Enlight Vigilance applies the same intelligent automation to defending and protecting organizations of all sizes, shifting the focus of security operations to stopping threats and ensuring resilient business operations rather than performing remedial defensive cyber operations and incident response tasks. Enlight Vigilance features a host of autonomous and semi-autonomous playbooks that are selected and executed based on real-time analysis and utilizes an extensible framework that is low-friction and friendly to cyber analyst and IT teams.

Firethorn represents the new breed of advanced threat protection technology, able to detect both known and zero-day threats based on real side effects, rather than relying on trivially bypass-able signatures, heuristics, or low visibility algorithms using generic network metadata. The fusion of high-quality hardware sensor telemetry and machine learning enables Firethorn to detect even the most evasive threats and tactics with ~99% accuracy in milliseconds with consistently low resource utilization. Firethorn Endpoint is available today on Windows platforms with Intel and AMD architectures and soon to be available on Linux, OSX, and on a variety of hardware platforms.

Coming in 2024 and using the same patented techniques as Endpoint, Firethorn Cloud substitutes native hardware sensors for virtualized host and workload metrics available across multi-vendor cloud environments to detect cloud infrastructure and application threats. The combination of Firethorn Endpoint and Cloud deployments provide powerful protection of on-prem, off-prem, and hybrid business resources.

With proof of concepts coming in 2024, Firethorn Core and Embedded leverage the ability to tap and / or integrate with native hardware capabilities utilizing on-board, off-board, or on-chip machine learning to perform tailored high speed, high accuracy threat detection for embedded platforms such as vehicles across air, space, and ground domains, industrial control systems, and more.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Ironwood Cyber is a trusted strategic partner for Zivaro.  The team at Ironwood Cyber is comprised of industry leaders who possess an unparalleled level of expertise and knowledge in the field of cybersecurity.  Their deep understanding of the latest trends and emerging threats in the digital realm has been invaluable to us and our clients."

Cliff Flowers
Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

"The staff at Ironwood Cyber have been instrumental in keeping our organization and protected health information safe. Ironwood Cyber brings Department of Defense grade cybersecurity to the healthcare sector. Their expertise and experience is truly exceptional!"

Margaret Schlosnagle
IT Specialist

"We partner with the security experts at Ironwood Cyber to perform a detailed risk analysis, risk mitigation, training, and threat protection. Ironwood Cyber brings effective cybersecurity solutions and world-class expertise together to help protect our critical systems and data from today's cyber threats"

Walter Storm
Chief Executive Officer

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