Bridging The Gap Between Security and Simplicity

At Ironwoood Cyber, we strive to provide solutions in the cybersecurity landscape that are not only state-of-the-art but also efficient and easy to adopt.

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We Are Hackers in the True and Best Sense of the Word

We are always learning with understanding as our goal. We are tenacious try-hards who are not afraid of the difficult challenges. We are builders and breakers, embracing both sides of the coin for the betterment of our solutions. We are community oriented and seek to give back in tangible ways to the communities in which we live.

Our Leadership

Aaron E Headshot
Dr. Aaron Estes
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

In college, Aaron dropped out of music school to pursue computer science all because of a movie that changed his life, "Hackers" (1995). Aaron took his interest in hacking and developed it into a long and successful career at Lockheed Martin earning him the distinction of becoming a 3 time Technical Fellow. Aaron's passion in cybersecurity has now led him to start Ironwood Cyber in order to make a personal, and positive impact on the world by bringing smart and meaningful cybersecurity solutions to the market. In addition to leading the Ironwood team, Aaron teaches several undergraduate and graduate courses at Southern Methodist University.

Ethan P Headshot
Ethan Puchaty
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Ethan has long held an avid interest in computer hacking--perhaps beginning when he decided to "customize" DOS system files, crashing his family's computer at the age of 6. Formerly a Technical Fellow at Lockheed Martin and previously the #1 ranked hacker on Hack The Box, Ethan has performed ethical hacking and developed novel cybersecurity solutions across some of the world’s most critical air, space, and defense systems. As CTO of Ironwood Cyber, he is now focused on making advanced cyber threat protection technology accessible to all companies.

Jeff Headshot
Jeff Stratton
Chief Revenue Officer

Jeff started off his career as systems administrator and quickly moved into Cybersecurity in 2000 while working at Sandia National Laboratories. Jeff was doing penetration testing, incident response and intrusion analysis to combat some of the very first Chinese APTs. In 2004, Jeff moved to Lockheed Martin where he helped build out their first Computer Incident Response Team and Internal Red Team.  In 2012, Jeff began leading customer facing cyber security programs and teams supporting both government and commercial customers.  Jeff oversaw the profit and loss of many individuals programs, worked in the development of new domestic and international cyber business for Lockheed Martin.  Jeff is a strong advocate of transformational leadership methodologies and is an expert in building strong and effective teams. In all, Jeff has over 22 years of years of cybersecurity experience with over 10 years of leadership and business development experience in sector.

Jose R Headshot
Jose Rodriguez
Chief Software Architect

Jose has been drawn to technology since a very early age, where at age 7 he taught himself to program from books and without any help or guidance. His love for software eventually evolved into a fascination with robotics, and eventually employment at Lockheed Martin where he first discovered cyber security. His cyber security learning journey quickly consumed his life, and studying, practicing, training and competitions became the norm. Often teaming up with Ethan, he had won many regional and international hacking competitions and placed top 5 in dozens of others. His love for hacking transformed his career from software developer to systems and software cyber security architect, where he designed, built and assessed secure systems. Jose left his successful career at Lockheed, having recently been recognized as an Associate Fellow, to join the Ironwood Cyber team to help make a bigger difference in the world.

Max K Headshot
Max Klim
Chief Cyber Architect

Max started his career in systems and networks but when a colleague turned him on to a new and sensational book called Hacking Exposed, he suddenly realized where all the fun was in tech and the new cybersecurity industry was the path he had to pursue. The blossoming Pacific Northwest tech industry would provide him with opportunities to get hands on in security operations, designing secure architectures, ethical hacking, digital forensics, and cybersecurity consulting, later moving into the defense industry, and even a chance to contribute to a much later edition of that same book that first sparked his passion for the securing of things.

Judy B Headshot
Judy Bowersock
Head of Operations

With a distinguished career in project management, Judy is a seasoned leader adept at orchestrating complex missions and initiatives with precision. Formerly a Staff Project Engineer at Lockheed Martin, Judy played a pivotal role in supporting DevSecOps initiatives by leveraging her exceptional ability to align resources, streamlining processes, and fostering collaboration among diverse teams to ensure the successful execution of critical defense projects.

What's Important to Us

Smart Design

We develop well-thought-out solutions. Our goal is to build products and services that work effectively and avoid getting in the way of doing business.

Community Engagement

Engaging with and supporting the communities in which the company operates.


We care about our clients and strive to develop meaningful, lasting, and positive business (and personal) relationships.

Our Advisors

John Mulholland Headshot
General John Mulholland

Former ADMA at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Nadia Shadlow Headshot
Nadia Shadlow

Former United States Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy

Robert Laskin Headshot
Robert Laskin

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

Mitch Thorton Headshot
Dr. Mitch Thornton

Deason Institute for Cybersecurity

Daniel Babich Headshot
Dr. Dan Babich

Hayman Capital
Ph.D Physics

Why Trust Us?

We’re hackers at heart, always learning and adapting to keep our customers ahead of threats. With decades of combined experience securing the world’s most critical systems, we understand how attackers operate and have created simple, affordable, & effective cyber strategies to stop them dead in their tracks.

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