Ironwood Cyber's Enlight™ Platform Chosen by TSA's Innovation Task Force to Enhance Security Equipment

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Ironwood Cyber
Ironwood Cyber
June 25, 2024

PRESS RELEASE • June 25, 2024


Fort Worth, TX., June 25, 2024 – Ironwood Cyber announced today that it has been selected to demonstrate its novel artificial intelligence product for potential deployment with The U.S. Transportation SecurityAdministration (TSA) to protect against cyber threats in screening technologies.


As part of the Innovative Demonstrations for Enterprise Advancement (IDEA) Broad Agency Announcement (BAA), Ironwood Cyber entered into a bailment agreement with TSA for the 3rd Party Cyber (3PC) Assessor Program to demonstrate Enlight™ (formerly Ironwood Cyber Rx), a novel artificial intelligence (AI) product that provides full scope, on-demand cyber vulnerability and risk assessments. Ironwood Cyber will demonstrate how Enlight™ provides continuous security assessment of not only traditional IT environments but also environments that contain Transportation Security Equipment (TSE).  


The demonstration will utilize Ironwood Cyber’s approach to automating vulnerability assessments of TSE in the transportation ecosystem. Enlight’s robust, expert AI uncovers and validates vulnerabilities and security risks without manual intervention, enabling continuous monitoring for new vulnerabilities.


“Cyber vulnerabilities can emerge at any time, and if organizations don’t have the ability to test continuously, on-demand, and achieve results in minutes, those vulnerabilities and risks can lead to compromise and business loss,” says Aaron Estes, Ironwood Cyber's CEO. “Enlight™ enables organizations like TSA to improve current technology and to build interoperable architectures that enhances threat intelligence and response capabilities with efficient, smart automation.”


About Ironwood Cyber:  

Ironwood Cyber is a Texas-based cybersecurity solutions company that is solving critical cybersecurity issues using intelligent automation and advanced AI-ML techniques. The company was founded by two formerLockheed Martin Fellows who have put together a powerhouse cyber team with over100 years of defense-grade cybersecurity experience.


Ironwood Cyber is engaged with a range of federal stakeholders and works closely with customers in the defense, energy, finance, technology, and healthcare sectors. Ironwood Cyber was also selected to participate in the highly competitive Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) andSpace Force Catalyst Accelerator Defensive Cyber Operations Cohort 11 earlier this year.


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