Cyber threats aren’t picky…
so we bring security to everyone

We recognize that companies of all sizes and industries are a target for criminal hackers- So our products and services are designed to scale large and small.  We deliver years of broad experience across industry sectors in a way that is simple to deploy and easy to scale.

Advanced Protection
From Every Angle

Small Business

Cyber threats are increasingly targeting small businesses who are often not equipped to defend themselves.  Our full-scale cybersecurity solutions are designed to provide turn-key protection tailored to fit your company’s threat model


Force multiply your cybersecurity staff by deploying our suite of automated cybersecurity risk assessment services and let us carry the daily workload.  Validate your security infrastructure and controls quickly and easily so that you can continually improve.


Take defense to the next level with Ironwood Cyber. Our government cybersecurity solutions are tried and true against countless real-world incidents and deep experience in the government sector. We combine automation, a patented approach, and decades of cyber experience to bring you the highest level of protection.

Industries We Serve


Powerful Cyber Protection for Energy & Utility Companies

Cyber threats to energy companies have become headline news and will only continue to increase in the coming months with energy prices surging. Ironwood Cyber takes very seriously our mission to help protect our critical energy infrastructure. Firethorn is designed to safeguard against the damaging effects of cyber attacks such as ransomware. We work with businesses of all sizes to deploy a smart protection solution that meets your security goals as well as your budget. We partner with you to ensure that you are doing everything you can to stay secure in this hostile threat landscape.


Focus on the health of your patients, not the threat of cyber attack

It’s no secret that health care has been hit hard with cyber attacks like ransomware. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports a 50% increase in cyber attacks since the beginning of the pandemic. The last thing a healthcare organization wants to worry about is an attack on their IT infrastructure or electronic data. Ironwood Cyber designed a solution with the healthcare industry in mind and works directly with clinics, labs, and hospitals to build a holistic cybersecurity program so that our healthcare clients can do what they do best–take care of their patients.


Unparalleled Protection for Financial Institutions & Payment Processing Companies

As the finance industry faces an escalating wave of cyberattacks, financial institutions are grappling with the last thing they want to worry about—an attack on their critical IT infrastructure and electronic data. With the assurance of Ironwood Cyber's expert guidance, financial organizations can confidently focus on their core operations, secure in the knowledge that their valuable assets and systems are safeguarded from evolving cyber threats.


Protect Your Brand and Your Customers

We know that payments processing is a booming industry and so do malicious cyber crime organizations. Ironwood’s patented technology is proven effective against ransomware and other cyber attacks that the payments industry faces every day. No matter your company’s size, we can work with you to build a complete, end-to-end cybersecurity program around our advanced Firethorn protection software and Enlight service plan.


Advanced Protection for Public Safety

In an era marked by an alarming surge in cyber threats targeting municipalities, local governments find themselves confronting a pressing and unwelcome reality—the susceptibility of their IT systems and data to malicious attacks. Collaborating directly with city councils, local agencies, and public services, Ironwood Cyber crafts a comprehensive and fortified cybersecurity program to shield municipal networks and protect sensitive citizen information. Empowered by Ironwood Cyber's expertise, municipalities can confidently focus on their core mission of serving communities, assured that their critical infrastructure and invaluable data are safeguarded against the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of cyber adversaries.


Keep Production Flowing with Manufacturing Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity is crucial for the manufacturing industry due to the numerous potential risks it faces in today's digital landscape. Manufacturing companies possess valuable intellectual property, trade secrets, and proprietary technologies that are attractive targets for cyber attackers. A successful cyber attack could lead to production disruptions, product quality and safety issues, damage to brand reputation, and potential legal and financial liabilities. By prioritizing cybersecurity measures, manufacturers can safeguard their critical assets, maintain uninterrupted operations, protect their brand image, and ensure a resilient and secure business environment.

Why Ironwood Cyber?

Gain Scalability

Our cybersecurity solutions are designed to grow with you and your business.


Our automated security solutions are designed efficiently to save your enterprise money.

Trust The Experts

Founded by former Lockheed Martin Fellows and experts in their subject matter, rest easy knowing you're in good hands.

Protect Your Reputation

Success often is heavily influenced by reputation, with our solutions we've created new approaches to safeguard it.

Attacks On The Rise

Over the last few years, cyber attacks on enterprises have continued to increase with the annual number of breaches up nearly 30%. (Source: PurpleSec)

Leverage Intelligent Automation

Our intelligent automation that is always running allows us to rapidly detect and assess threats.

Lack Of OT Solutions

While there are a great deal of cyber solutions for IT, the industry is lacking solutions for operational technology, which includes industrial control systems and embedded technologies.

Inadequate Funding

Cybersecurity is often put on the back-burners when it comes to prioritization of resources and adequate funding. We kept this in mind when developing our product to be as efficient as possible.

A Patented Approach

Our patented cyber technique known as Side-channel Analysis is unlike any other approach throughout the industry, making it nearly impossible for hackers to bypass.

Over 80% Cost Savings

Our government cybersecurity solutions can provide an estimated cost savings of more than 80% on penetration testing, cyber assessments and cyber awareness reporting.

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